“Stepping Into the Past” by In The Branches and Neglect

In The Branches and Neglect - Monuments

This track floods my whole being with a cosmic sense of flow, of subtle grace and love to the pulsation of life inside and outside, a sense of the uniqueness of this timeless present moment. Thank you for this delightful masterpiece! ♡

Review on Bandcamp by Music Of Enlightenment

We appreciate that review. Joseph and I are slowly working on new music, from Tucson and Portland respectively, including a new EP nearing completion. After that, we’re polishing up a reissue of our debut collab “Monuments”, remastered with a bonus track or two, to be released globally(?) if Joseph allows it.

The album is currently, as of 2021, only officially released on Bandcamp.


Music of Enlightenment on YouTube


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