Dyson Sphere Program gives me hope for video games

Gameplay screenshot from Dyson Sphere Program

First things first. Everyone needs to know, Dyson Sphere Program is a simulation video game based around the concept of mining for materials and building machines to mine materials and… Well, you know what a Dyson Sphere is, right? No?

What is a Dyson Sphere?

I’m glad you asked.

Unfortunately, I’m not qualified to answer. My best attempt is “It’s like surrounding the sun in solar panels to collect seemingly unlimited energy,” but that doesn’t do it justice. Kurzgesagt to the rescue:

This isn’t a sponsored blog post or anything like that. More like a PSA (Public Service Announcement): There are GOOD video games out there that can teach you or your kids valuable information, instead of fictional nonsense and or warfare tactics (which may be valuable in today’s America, to be fair). Here we have one example of a game that is both fun and educational: Dyson Sphere Program.

Funny enough, my recent Quiet Sector album, Mining Moons To Build A Star, was based on almost exactly the same concept as this video game. (Related: I started Quiet Sector a few years ago, holding the name for a few years before that, and also noticed a game called Silent Sector also being featured on Steam in recent weeks).

Dyson Sphere Program proves that despite what we learned about learning while in school-prison, learning can be fun after all…

Dyson Sphere Program on Steam

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