Updates: music.theadaptive.net, a new Roland Gaia SH-01, Omnisphere 2, and Labored Breath…


I moved my Bandcamp page to music.theadaptive.net, instead of theadaptive.bandcamp.com.

The old address still works, so this is more of an alias than a move. I plan to continue using subdomains to help organize my large amount of creative material (music, photos, videos). There’s still a ton of unheard and unseen material, from timelapses to photo shoots to studio experiments, that I could work on (practically) forever. I found some ways to earn income from these types of creative expression, so I do enjoy the guilt-free feeling of knowing that my studio time is “business time,” too.

Roland GAIA SH-01

First impression: This thing is awesome. Part of me wants to record everything, but I don’t know what I’m doing yet. I should still record everything, it’s too fun and easy to come up with new ideas. Loving the hands-on control and the arpeggiator.

Omnisphere 2

As much as I enjoy building software and websites all day, doing it at night can be a drag. (That’s music time in this house.) So here I am, trying to do both, while installing Omnisphere 2…

I’ve already used Omnisphere in the past, so I know how unreal it is. Just too much, way too much, so many options. It’s only gotten better over time. It’s also playing nicely with the GAIA SH-01, instantly allowing me to control parameters in Omnisphere, from Filter to Effects controls. I have more to learn, but this is instantly a huge productivity boost for me.

Labored Breath

Labored Breath? Oh man, these guys are my new favorite. This is what the cool kids might call “blackened” metal, possibly “blackened death metal”, but this sounds unique and very special. Highly recommended for people who can handle fast, intense music with experimental variety.

Stay tuned for an announcement about two new albums from “Various Artists” (including In The Branches, Quiet Sector, Neglect, Leave Trace), and a drifting album of spacious sound from Quiet Sector, “Cronus/Mars“.

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