Various Artists – Planitis Aris EP (ambient fundraiser compilation) out now on Bandcamp and YouTube

Various Artists - Planitis Aris EP

Planitis Aris EP

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Announcing the 25th official release from The Adaptive, Planitis Aris EP.

“Planitis Aris” is Greek for “Planet Mars”, more accurately written as: Πλανήτης Άρης. This title is meant to draw attention to the unbreakable connection between modern life, mythology, and ancient beliefs that cling to our present and future. All proceeds from this EP will be donated to non-profit organizations that help war-torn countries.

Planitis Aris EP contains five diverse, expansive, and psychedelic songs that each paint a vivid picture of a journey to Mars and its moons.



Leave Trace:

Quiet Sector, In The Branches:


Mars (a.k.a. Ares) was the god of war. With that in mind, the artists agreed to donate all proceeds from “Planitis Aris” to non-profit organizations that are actively providing supplies and medical care to war-torn countries.

Speaking of charity EP’s, Gaia/Earth EP is now Name Your Price and I will continue sending all proceeds to organizations actively working to help with our global plastic and microplastic pollution crisis.


I’m continuing to compile charitable compilations like this one and Gaia/Earth EP, so if I’ve mentioned this idea to you to participate in the past, or if you’re otherwise interested in contributing a song, send an email (preferably with a preview of your song/songs) to 

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released April 24, 2021

Music by Shane Cotee, Joseph Valentino, and Chris Haines.
Concept, graphics design, and additional mastering by Shane Cotee.

This EP was optimized for deep bass systems such as SubPac or large subwoofers.


all rights reserved

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