Supporting Ukrainians and Humanitarian Organizations

Where To Donate

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  2. Stand With Ukraine
  3. GreenMatters: How To Help Iranian Women
  4. Yemen Aid: Ways To Help
  5. National Bank of Ukraine Fundraiser
  6. Revived Soldiers Ukraine
  7. Five Verified Charities Working in Ukraine
  8. Russia-Ukraine War: Info and Ways to Help
  9. Verified Charities for Assistance to Ukraine

“Ruskey Mir” Doctrine

Read the Kremlin’s plan to exterminate nearly all Ukrainians as revenge for Ukraine becoming an independent country, resisting Russian invasions, and partnering with the “Satanic” west. Does anyone else notice the harmony between Russian propaganda and QAnon conspiracies?

Update 11/2/2022: Ukrainians are being tortured, murdered, and kidnapped every day. Many working Ukrainians are dealing with weeks without electricity. Some friends I used to work with are currently forced into fighting a war to defend their families from terrorism.

The Budapest Memorandum

The Budapest Memorandum (direct link to PDF via Harvard) outlines a “nuclear disarmament and protection” agreement between Ukraine, Russia, Britain, and the USA. It guaranteed Ukraine’s protection by other nuclear superpowers, in exchange for Ukraine’s sacrifice of all nuclear weapons. Russia has chosen betrayal and violated the agreement in the worst way. Read more from Brookings: Why care about Ukraine and the Budapest Memorandum?

Russian Terrorism/War Crimes

There are simply too many to list. Here are a few.

I have friends and coworkers in Ukraine, a place that I’ve been trying to visit since late 2019. March 2022 was the timeframe when I was finally scheduled to travel to Lviv, until Putin’s insane threats became insane actions, making travel much more complicated and dangerous, and threatening the safety of many people I know. The Ukrainian war has also taken attention away from the war in Yemen, where 86,000 children may have already died in Yemen since the Saudi-led attacks began. 1.3 million people are estimated to be killed by this war by 2030.

Some Ukraine art with help from DALL-E:

With the start of Putin’s unforgivable attack on Ukraine, I’m doing everything I can to help people in this country I want to visit so badly. Я з україною.

All proceeds from my music and creative are now going directly to non-profit organizations that support victims of this war.

War in Yemen Reaches Eigth Year

AnIt said some 1.3 million people would die by 2030, and that 70 percent of those deaths would be the result of indirect causes such as loss of livelihoods, rising food prices, and the deterioration of basic services such as health and education.Aljazeera

The line between “offensive” and “defensive” support is murky, and critics argue even the limited support the US is providing still helps Riyadh carry out its offensive bombing campaign in Yemen.Alex Ward, Vox

Fundraising Music (Work In Progress)

The Post-Everything Collective & Friends Present: Ukrainian Relief Compilation
Download on Bandcamp

“Black Sea Coast” was written and recorded in 2014. It was released on Evolve by The Adaptive in 2015.

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