“Wildlife Services prefers to kill native species simply for existing in the wild”

Gray wolf, Canis lupus, in the green leaves forest. Detail portrait of wolf in the forest. Wildlife scene from north of Europe. Beautiful wild animal hidden behind the tree trunk. Wolf in nature.

Excerpt from this article by Lindsay Larris:

USDA’s Wildlife Services Slaughters Over 400,000 Native Species in 2021

In 2021, Wildlife Services killed 64,131 coyotes, 24,687 beavers, 3,014 foxes, 605 bobcats, 433 black bears, 324 gray wolves, 200 cougars, and 6 endangered grizzly bears. Additionally, Wildlife Services killed 11,364 prairie dogs, and destroyed more than 17,000 prairie dog dens (killing an unknown number of animals) in just five states alone. These numbers remained mostly consistent from prior years, demonstrating that lethal management of most non-avian native species did not meaningfully decrease.

-Lindsay Larris

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