In The Branches Cover Artwork, Posters, Backgrounds

Imagery by Shane Cotee for his ambient guitar music project, In The Branches.

Here’s the official album cover for the global release, in high resolution.

Right-click and choose “Save” or “Save As” to store an image and use it for wallpaper, etc.

Concept artwork for In The Branches – Expanse Sessions III
with some light assistance from DALL-E (to expand the width of the image)

Official Album Cover

Stream and download “Expanse Sessions III” on Bandcamp. The album will soon be uploaded to YouTube and available on all major music streaming services (by September 10th, 2022)

Additional Artwork

The original Bandcamp cover artwork for Expanse Sessions III
Alternate design for a single release of “I Dreamed About You”
High-resolution images created for "Expanse Sessions III" by In The Branches.
Poster and background/wallpaper design concept

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