Is Ukraine an Ally to the USA? (Yes, Duh)

Ukraine is obviously an ally to all of the west, and even Russia will tell you that. (They love to talk about it while justifying daily terrorism and war crimes.) They want peace. Russia violated every agreement and guarantee ever made with Ukraine. They’re cheating at the game and taking advantage of past trust. Trust which is long gone today.

If Ukraine were “full of Nazis” like Russian propaganda claims, then what do you call the thousands of war criminals who use violent intimidation against Ukrainian civilians? Cue the story about mass graves with 99% of corpses showing signs of torture. Cue the stories of hundreds of children murdered in civilian attacks against Ukrainian towns. There are many other stories I can’t bring myself to repeat right now. Use your imagination, and know Russia is doing worse. Right now.

Ukraine Investigating 39,000 war crimes

A country that fights against our most threatening adversaries can be regarded as an ally. All of the Ukrainians I’ve met have an enthusiastic love for America and other “western” countries, and an awareness of Russia’s long-lived contempt for Ukraine. Software engineers I know in Lviv and Kyiv are exceedingly professional, and also some of the most fun, light-hearted people I’ve worked with.

For anyone with integrity, some weight will be given to the guarantees in the Budapest Memorandum. We failed on our guarantee so far. How much more should we fail to protect a country we guaranteed to protect?

In addition to our guarantees and cultural compatibility with Ukraine, they strive to be part of the EU and the United Nations. With over 90% of the country supporting their president, Ukraine is a young democracy that hopes to thrive like its western allies (yes, allies).


Two people, including a pregnant woman, were killed and three were wounded as a result of the missile attack on #Dnipro tonight.

It’s easy to see why we should care about Ukrainians being genocided, as we guaranteed their protection in return for making them destroy their best hope for defense against their violent neighbor. They gave up the 3rd-largest nuclear arsenal on earth with a promise of protection from Russia, Britain, and the USA.

Russian state media and otherwise “conservative” and “anti-imperialist” disinformation pretends to justify eight months of war crimes and genocide as a retaliation for much smaller alleged crimes against Russians in Ukraine. A very familiar story repeated in nearly every Russian invasion. (There are many.)

With this so-called logic of a justified Russian invasion, what sort of retaliation has Russia earned for itself after murdering, raping, torturing, and kidnapping Ukrainian civilians for more than eight months?

Ukrainians are pro-Europe and pro-USA. That’s one thing Russia will admit, because it’s a key element in their hatred for Ukraine. That means it also helps them justify daily war crimes against Ukrainian civilians. Ukraine’s alliance with the USA and western Europe fuels Russia’s seething hatred for Ukrainians. Search around for “Russia war crimes” if you want to read some of the most disturbing stories anywhere. I can’t bring myself to put such atrocities on my blog right now. I’m already feeling livid about this cowardly display of ignorance on Twitter:

Americans rushing to allow and often condone the genocide of Ukrainians under the guise of promoting socialism, which most of these people would never support in real life.

Danny DeVito sucks, turns out. Bummer.
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#Russia launched 4500 missiles in 8 months, attempting to wipe out #Ukraine physically.

a missile cemetery just of what #Kharkiv was hit with.

and yet 87% Ukrainians just shrug and support resistance, regardless the increased attacks on civilians.

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