Pimsleur’s Ukrainian language program is free for a limited time (extended through March 2023)

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Pimsleur stands with Ukraine and with everyone supporting the Ukrainian people.


Pimsleur is an admirable company that both provides life-changing education (often for free) and supports humanitarian causes. They don’t sponsor me to promote them; I just believe in what they’re doing and am benefitting from their work.

Visit Pimsleur’s website to learn more about their free Premium Ukrainian Course:

I’m always searching for resources to help reach fluency in Ukrainian language (a big challenge, and well worth the effort). I can read and write basic Ukrainian sentences, but speaking it in real life with Ukrainian friends is still very difficult after three years of part-time study.

Enter Pimsleur, with a generous free program that emphasizes teaching basic speaking skills right away, starting at the beginning of Lesson 1.

Within the first five minutes, I was comfortable saying Я трохи розмовляю українською (pronounced like ya tro-hei rozmov-LYA-yu ukra-YEEN-scoyu). This is a very useful phrase that means “I understand a little [bit of] Ukrainian.” …Finally, I know what to say when the next person asks me to speak some Ukrainian. Another fun one is, “Priyemno po’znayomi’tis,” which means “pleasure to meet you” or “nice to meet you.”

Along with showing support for victims of terrorism, and opening up an entire world of new opportunities, studying Ukrainian also reveals a wide range of linguistic principles that will allow you to more easily understand other Slavic, Latin, and Germanic languages. Ukrainian even shares some words and grammatical rules with French: Ukrainian “you” is a word like “ty” or “te” and formal Ukrainian “you” (as well as “you all”) is a word like “vuey” or “vey.” Strong similarity to the French words “tu” and “vu.”

I encourage everyone to learn other languages, especially Ukrainian. Слава Україні!

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