About The Adaptive


I’ve released over 30 albums, mostly ambient guitar and instrumental/electronic music. I also make metal sometimes (it’s my favorite genre to listen to most days).

My albums from In The Branches, Infinite Brothers, The Adaptive, and Quiet Sector can be found on all major streaming sources like YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc.


As a photographer, my Instagram account won “Best in the Portland Music Scene” from The Oregonian, and my photography work has been featured in many magazines, websites, office buildings, etc.


I’m a full-time Senior Software Engineer working in Node.js with TypeScript, Angular, and Koa.


In addition to a lifetime of speaking English, I’ve studied Ukrainian since 2019. I know fundamental Spanish and have added more recent practice in Polish, German, Russian, Danish, Czech, Portuguese, and Icelandic.

My current main focus is to become fluent in both Ukrainian and Polish.

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