In The Branches – “Hidden Elements” Released Three Years Ago

In The Branches - Hidden Elements

“Hidden Elements” was inspired by winter in the Pacific Northwest, where things are unusually peaceful. This post is dedicated to that fall-themed album, originally released on Bandcamp on November 3, 2017.

“Hidden Elements” on YouTube
In The Branches – Hidden Elements (Full Album) on YouTube
“Hidden Elements” on Bandcamp

After a somewhat dark album opening, the sparkly droplets of pitch-shifted guitar strings begin to weave in and out of abstract synthesizer textures. “Hidden Elements” is not as pure-guitar as other ITB albums, but it makes me want to continue combining synths with live guitar loops.

I had recorded a lot of material that seemed to connect together, and it didn’t take long to assemble the album. I would edit down the guitar recordings to their best parts, sometimes spanning over 10 minutes per take, then combined subtle synth textures onto the tracks in the studio. The album was finished quickly, during my most active period of music production to date.

I’m still quite fond of “Hidden Elements”, and return to it each fall for a nostalgic trip.

Download or stream In The Branches – “Hidden Elements” on Bandcamp

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