Quiet Sector’s “Mining Moons To Build A Star” (ambient synth music) album released on Bandcamp

Quiet Sector - Mining Moons To Build A Star

This is an album that took me about two years of weekend warrior-ing after I returned to my software engineering career in Portland. This project took over all of my creative energy for most of 2019 and half of 2020.

The first recording sessions of Quiet Sector have revealed a nostalgic and very mellow series of sound-worlds that feel, for the most part, vast, bright, and peaceful, with occasional moments of darkness and sombre moods.

I needed an outlet for experimental electronic-space-ambient music, so I created Quiet Sector. It felt right to keep this music separate from In The Branches, though it comes from the same creative universe.

Hear the album on your favorite streaming service in (starting in late 2020) or right now on Bandcamp:

Mining Moons To Build A Star – On Bandcamp
Hear more Quiet Sector

You can hear more Quiet Sector on the “Gaia / Earth” EP:

Quiet Sector may return with more music, at any time, with many more otherworldly songs waiting to be finished and released. For now, the best place to keep up with the project is the In The Branches YouTube Channel.