Support In The Branches by Subscribing on YouTube

Screenshot from "Planetary Confinement" by In The Branches

I bit the bullet and signed up for YouTube Premium recently. I’m always a little bit conflicted about supporting YouTube, knowing how little they pay content creators in proportion to their $15 billion in annual revenue. Knowing there’s nothing I can do about it right now, I’ve decided to give YouTube a “chance” (as if I have a choice…) for a new stream for funding physical releases, for example.

In The Branches’ YouTube channel performs surprisingly well, mostly thanks to the full-album video for Wilderness Time. I’ll continue trying to top the success of that video somehow, but that’s been difficult so far. Maybe a version without those random red flashes in that particular rendering of the project on YouTube…

Also, commercials and ambient music don’t mix well, so I recommend only using YouTube to listen to In The Branches if:

  1. You have YouTube Premium
  2. You enjoy commercials (yikes)
  3. You have no choice*

*Just use Bandcamp instead.

Here’s the link to Subscribe:

If you need more reasons to subscribe, check out the full albums I’ve been uploading (many more to come).

Here are some other favorites from the In The Branches channel: