Recommended Fundraisers for Ukraine

Since the countries involved in the Budapest Memorandum have all but betrayed Ukraine by not fulfilling their “assurances” of protection against an illegal Russian invasion and genocide, individuals in USA, UK, and Russia (hah) are obligated to help in any way possible.

Yes, sending weapons and aid counts as help, but we didn’t guarantee Ukraine “a little bit of help” when they sacrificed their nuclear arsenal and weapons in exchange for security assurances in 1991. Conservatives and tankies are quick to dismiss the Budapest Memorandum — if they even know what it is — because they have no integrity and appear to practically celebrate Russia’s ongoing genocide and terrorism against Ukrainians.

Calling Ukrainians “nazis” while Russia commits tens of thousands of war crimes is the epitome of stupidity and cowardice. Ukrainians are very sweet people in general, with a culture built on arts, music, family, love for food, and love for animals. The “nazis” in Ukraine are Russians, and the tiny percentage of extremists in the Azov Batallion have been replaced by minorities and Jews since 2017.

#ListenToUkrainians and watch out for mass propaganda from Russia and their domestic assets such as Tr*mp, Tucker Kremlinson, Jimmy “Kompromat” Dore, most Republican politicians, etc.

Where To Donate

For now, Safe Skies seems to be one of the best fundraisers for helping protect Ukrainian civilians from Russia’s terrorist bombings of civilian homes and infrastructure.

I’ll add more links to fundraisers here soon. Stay tuned.

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