My Laptop Survival Kit

"Expanse Sessions III" artwork as a background on Windows 11

A personal list for my software, music, and video editing

WIP (work in progress, will update with more)

The Basics

Winamp 5.666 Lite:

Audio Production

Cakewalk by BandLab – My preferred digital audio workstation (free)

Adobe Audition – Part of Adobe Creative Cloud

Audient iD14 Driver

Video Production

Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects – Video editing and effects

Software Development

Chrome – Industry standard web browser

DarkReader – Chrome plugin for blue light reduction

Node Version Manager (NVM) – Installation and version switching tool for Node.js

Node Windows Build Tools:

  1. run CMD as Admin
  2. run npm install --g --production windows-build-tools

Git – Source control, documentation, and code deployment

VS Code – Excellent free code editor, ideal for TypeScript/JavaScript/Node

GitHub CLI


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